Discover the Next Generation of Fire Software

NFIRS Compliant Incidents Reporting and Records Management Systems

Enable your fire and EMS personnel to more easily capture and use data to protect and save lives. The ESO Fire suite includes

Incidents Reporting Capture incidents reporting with speed and precision in our application and with automated NFRIS submission to your state. ESO Fire integration to ESO’s EHR ensures you’ll never have to complete both an ePCR report and NFIRS report for the same call.

Properties and Inspections Track the data you need for improved situational awareness and enhanced inspections with ESO Properties and Inspections.

Compliance with State Standards ESO Solutions keeps you up-to-date with state standards by integrating the latest requirements by the United States Fire Administration.

ESO Personnel Management Fully integrated with EHR/ePCR, Personnel Management tracks your agency’s personnel, training courses, education history and more.

ESO Analytics One-click access to operational metrics to make complex data understandable.

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