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Making the
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Making the Transition to NEMSIS 3

NEMSIS Version 3 is the latest version of the National EMS Information System’s data specifications. It’s designed to help EMS providers collect and report data in a way that’s useful for planning, quality improvement and research.

Making the transition to Version 3 is a significant undertaking for both states and local EMS services. This Toolkit contains useful resources to help you on the way to implementing Version 3, including checklists, answers to frequently asked questions, and tips and lessons learned from those who’ve already begun submitting and receiving Version 3 data.

NEMSIS Version 3’s Key Advantages for EMS

NEMSIS Version 3 is a major step forward for EMS, and will help to:

  • Provide near-real-time access to EMS data records at state and national levels
  • Prepare EMS to integrate data with the broader healthcare system
  • Improve the ability to document data important to patients and healthcare providers

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